Few frequently asked questions


What is soft landscaping

At its simplest, soft landscaping comprises all the living elements in your garden – your plants and flowers, trees and shrubs, grass and vegetables. It also includes all the processes you have to go through to manage them, like planting, pruning, mowing, watering, weeding and fertilizing. Soft landscaping gives your garden colour, beauty, aroma and mood. One of the great things about soft landscaping is that it’s relatively easy to change at any time – although it takes a lot more work to keep under control once it is in place!

What is hard landscaping?

Hard landscaping encompasses all the non-living parts of a landscape. That could include pathways, paving, patios, decking, rockeries and fencing, together with the materials that make them up, such as concrete and stone. When you hardscape a space, you are giving it shape, texture and practicality, you’re creating the structures into and upon which your plants and flowers will fit and grow. When you’re hard landscaping a space, it takes a lot more effort to get right and consequently a lot more effort to change if it doesn’t work – conversely, once you have got it right, it can last for years with minimum subsequent effort!

I have no clue about plants, can you recommend those that will work well for my property/project?

Terra Creations staff have been working in the Queenstown region for a while. We know what plants work down here in this tough climate. We can happily help you source and care for your plants.

What time of year is best to start my landscaping project?

With irrigation systems being relatively affordable, new landscaping projects can be taken on almost year round. However, in the Queenstown region it is best to not operate in the colder months of June, July and August. But this does not stop us undertaking typical hard landscaping at this time of year.

I don't have a landscape plan, can you create one?

Terra Creations is able to assist with making your grand ideas into the real thing. We can aid i this process by creating landscape drawings and plans along the way.

Do you travel work the region?

Terra Creations is well set up to service the entire South Island.

What does 'Terra' mean?

Terra is the Latin word for Earth